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Did you know we design WordPress websites?

Webdesign Harrogate

What is WordPress?
WordPress is an open-source (free) Content Management System (CMS) used to create easy to maintain websites and blogs. It’s the main frame of a website that allows building blocks (“Plugins”) to be added to it if and when required to give it extra functions.

Why do we love WordPress?

  • Costs: because WordPress itself is open-source, we are able to keep the costs for the website design to a minimum
  • Easy to update and maintain: with no coding experience or knowledge required, it’s easy to update the content of your site, add pages or pictures
  • Easy to change the themes (more on themes below): WordPress makes it easy to change how your site looks – easily gives your site an updated look, change colours or layout
  • SEO: Google seems to love WordPress websites and ranks them well and if you don’t know anything about Search Engine Optimisation, then there is a plugin (or two…) to help you out

What are Themes?
Themes contain the layout options and styling for your website, such as colours, fonts, menus, layout for blog or pages. There are literally thousands of free themes out there – as well as premium themes that offer additional support to make the design and maintenance of your website even easier and keep your website safe.

So, if you are new to Web Design, the theme templates are a good starting point.

How to get started?
As with all websites, you will need a domain and host for that website first (i.e. GoDaddy, LCN). Installing WordPress is then literally just a click away. Next, is choosing a theme you like – make sure you choose one from a reliable source – and then write the all-important content!

For more help, check out the iThemes tutorial or just get in touch if you would rather have us design the site for you.

A final word…
As always, software that is popular is also going to be a target for unwanted attention from Hackers and Co. so make sure your site is secured – there are several security plugins out there (i.e. Wordfence, iThemes…). Also make sure to change the standard “admin” user name and a really good password for the WordPress login and the database attached to it.

Have PC Harmony, so you can get on with the more important things in life!