The best things in life are free?

by | Sep 24, 2015 | Virus

You probably know by now that your computer really does need some type of Antivirus Software.


But, what exactly is Antivirus Software?
Antivirus Software is a programme that runs on your computer, tablet or other device and helps prevent virus infections: malicious programs intentionally designed to self-replicate, gather information and / or cause damage. Viruses can cause data loss, password / identity theft and corrupt systems. Better Antivirus Software also offers protection from other malicious infections, such as malware, pop-up ads, spam etc.

The best things in life are free?
Why pay for Antivirus when you can get it for free?!

There are many free Antivirus Software solutions available and for some users, they will indeed offer “good enough” protection. However, if you hold sensitive data or enjoy the convenience of online banking, “free” can soon become very costly and even illegal if you are using your computer for work /  business.

This includes some of the most commonly used free versions of Avast and AVG – these are only free for personal use. So, if you are currently using them on your computer, not only are you infringing on copyrights, but you are also unlikely to get the protection you need to fulfil your legal duty to protect business and customer data which can land you in a lot of (financial) trouble with the ICO for data protection breaches.statistic_id318523_rate-of-small-businesses-suffering-from-security-breaches-in-the-uk-2014-15-by-type

Protect yourself, your money and your customers!

Common sense prevails to avoid physical theft of your computer – you probably don’t leave it lying around outside and lock your doors to prevent physical theft of your devices. But did you know, theft and fraud actually only amount to 6% of small businesses sufferings from security breaches?

Compare this figure to the staggering 63% of small businesses that are estimated to suffer from security breaches caused by viruses and malware and suddenly the small investment into a decent *paid* Antivirus Software solution certainly makes a lot more sense.

So, which Antivirus Software is the best?
Antivirus Software is continuously tested and awards given to the “best” Antivirus Software every year. Results can vary depending on who carries out the tests, but one of the independently run test can be found here.

Obviously, the level of protection the Antivirus Software can offer is very important. But equally important is the user friendliness of the software, whether it slows you down or runs quietly in the background and its compatibility with other software.

One of the most overlooked criteria is the level of customer support when things don’t go according to plan – some of the big names actually charge (a lot!) or don’t reply at all.

At PC Harmony, we prefer ESET – the only company that has consistently received the highest ADVANCED AV-Comparatives aware in proactive detection. ESET has not only won many awards over the years but offers excellent customer service support – FREE!


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