Peter H Jones
A HUGE thank you for all your help and contributions to our company and the impact you have had on helping us grow as a business and to improve our technological capacity and skill and thus make a better difference to our customers and clients. From the quality and effectiveness of the IT system you have put in place through to the problem solving and fixing of individual machines, the efficient upgrades the tweaking and tinkering to meet our bespoke needs and your advice and suggestions of where we might improve next your support has quire simply been invaluable. Above and beyond all this technical, strategic and skill impact that you have offered us, in talking with colleagues it would seem clear that your equally significant impact is – ‘you’. Your unflappable charm, your confident expertise, your humour, concern and compassion for those of us put on earth to make and find problems with all things technical is greatly appreciated and valued by us all. We really look forward and frankly need you to continue working along side us as we continue to expand our business and service to clients and greatly appreciate your help above and beyond our expectations.  It’s great to have you as an integral  part of our team.