Miss S E Millar
Sinclair Research Ltd
PC Harmony offers computer users a unique, superior service. Intelligent, jargon-free explanations, advice and training are calmly and sympathetically provided when urgency is most demanded, often at a critical stage of document preparation when something goes amiss with the laptop or PC. PC Harmony patiently assisted me to organize thousands of emails into files and refined my skills using the printer and scanner so that I am now able to undertake these tasks myself. My feelings of panic were immediately dissipated in a click via PC Harmony’s online Help service.The suggested Health Check on my laptop revived its speed, performance and reliability just as I was on the verge of buying a new machine in despair. The members of staff are highly efficient, competent trouble-shooters who assume a confident approach to remedy technical problems within an acceptable time-scale at a really good value-for-money fee.It is the most outstanding all-round service which I have found for some years and gives me complete reassurance and peace of mind to know that PC Harmony is always there if I most need help when my computer becomes temperamental.