Social Media Security Settings

From Facebook to Instagram, most of us are (or know someone who is) completely invested. Social Media Privacy

Social media can be used to discuss social and economic issues, advertise, or simply share a funny video with your friends. However, as issues like online bullying and cybercrime are ever present, it is essential to keep yourself protected. A common stereotype of children and teenagers alike is the way we seem to be glued to our phones, but with the age that we are able to access social media lowering, how do you keep us safe?

What could go wrong?

As a teenager myself, I have often been taught about the dangers of the internet. Online bullying, grooming and cybercrime are amongst the many discussions I have endured, but with these issues increasingly important, it is essential teenagers and their parents know how to protect themselves from the dangers.

What can I do?

If you haven’t already, a quick trip into your personal settings can ensure privacy and peace of mind.

For Instagram:

• Find the settings icon underneath your following number
• Scroll down to the header ‘Privacy and Setting’, tap on ‘Account privacy’
• Swipe across the slider titled: ‘Private account’

Now you are able to approve who follows your account and sees your content, and who doesn’t.

For Snapchat:

• Find the settings icon by swiping up when on the camera
• Scroll down until you find the ‘Who can…’ section
• Change these until only you can see your location, and only friends can contact you.

This way you won’t receive any unwanted messages, and only you will be able to see your location.


How we can help

If you need help or support with privacy online, or would like to learn how to protect your privacy on other apps, get in touch!



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