Remote IT Support – Safe and Easy

Following the latest advice on Social Distancing in regards to the Corona Virus Covid-19 measures, the elderly and vulnerable have already been asked to self-isolate and soon this may extend to many more people. But what if you’re stuck at home and your computer plays up? Who can help fix your problems and how? Remote IT Support may be your saviour!

What is Remote IT Support?

With Remote IT support, your chosen IT Technician isn’t going to be visiting you physically at your home or office (thus no germs) but will instead securely log into your computer from their computer via the internet.

They can then see your desktop and screens just as if they were sitting right in front of it. You can use a chat box to communicate, or just talk on the phone whilst your IT person sorts your problems out. 

Typical problems that can be solved remotely: 

– Emails issues
– Virus protection and infection
– Printer setups / connection issues
– Health checks to get your computer back to speed
– Troubleshooting of programme errors such as Office 365
– in fact, there are very few issues that cannot be solved remotely!

Is it Safe?


Well, if done correctly and by the right people. Obviously, this isn’t the time to randomly google Remote IT Support on the internet. But instead choose a reputable business, preferably one you have used before or a local one that comes with plenty of testimonials (check out ours – maybe you already know someone who has used us before!) 

Make sure that the Remote IT Support is happening through a secure connection – ours is secured with SSL and 256-bit AES Encryption. Additionally, make sure that it is a one-time only connection so that any subsequent connections cannot happen without your prior consent. 

Although we can install software that allows us future access, we only do so for on-going clients and always ask for their permission first! With our connection, once you close the window down (X in the top right just like any other screen), we’re out of your computer for good!

 Is it Easy?


Well, assuming your internet connection is working and depending on what software your chosen Remote IT Support utilizes. There are many out there, Zoho Support (that’s us!) and Teamviewer (requires paid version for business use) are just a few of them.

Different Software have different compatibilities, features and installation instructions.

To receive Remote IT Support from us, all you do is open an internet browser (any will do: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer) and go to:

Then get in touch and get your secret code from us – that way, we will make sure that nobody else can access your computer.

Once you have the code, just download the software and give us one-time permission to access your computer – and that’s it! Once we are finished – or at any time you wish to do so – just click the X on the top right corner of your screen and the support session is closed.

The Benefits

No travel, no physical contact, thus no germs!

Last minute appointments, no minimum call-out charge and we talk you through the whole installation process step-by-step.

You can pay by card, Paypal or BACS.