Need for Speed

Remember the day you used your computer for the first time and just how 
quick it was then? 


Unless you have been doing maintenance tasks on a regular basis and not made any changes to the set up of your computer (basically not really used it…), it is likely that your computer has slowed down over time. 

There are countless reasons why nowadays your computer might resemble more of a turtle hurdle racer, than a lean mean running machine, but these are the most common: 

  • redundant and temporary files causing lack of hard drive space
  • cluttered registry, file system and fragmented hard drive
  • unnecessary programs running at start-up
  • viruses, malware and adware
  • lack of RAM (no, not the male sheep… the computer’s short-term memory)
What can I do?
Before you do anything, please DO backup – image backup is best (like taking a photo of your whole system – ask us for advice). But at the very least, manually set a system restore before you make any changes to avoid data loss or a corrupt system and read on for our top five tips:

Top Five Tips

1) De-clutter your system & clean up temporary and redundant files
2) Defragment to enable quick access to your files
3) Check out what programs are loading at start-up
4) Check your computer for viruses, malware and adware
5) Upgrade RAM

Make good use of the in-built tools provided by Microsoft (found in programs / accessories) – there are better third party tools out there but it all comes down to preference and how much time and money you are willing to invest; just to mention a few FREE ones:

 Top Five Freebies

1) CClean
2) Auslogics Disk Defrag
3) MSConfig
4) Malwarebytes
5) Crucial RAM System Scanner tool

I simply cannot stress it enough – please DO back up before undergoing any maintenance tasks – although it can significantly improve the performance of your computer, it also has the power to bring it to a halt and stop Windows from loading altogether!


How we can help
PC Harmony can help carry out the maintenance for you – simply book your computer in for a Health Check to make your computer run faster, safer and more efficiently, as well as preventing downtime – vital whether you are relying on your computer for business or personal use.


Have PC Harmony,
so you can concentrate on the more important things in life…