How to set up your new computer

One of the most frequently asked questions by our clients is just how they should go about setting up their new computer and how to transfer things over from their old computer. how to set up new computer

Windows Easy Transfer Wizard

You might have used this clever wizard in the past when moving from an old computer to a new one, but unfortunately Microsoft decided to make it redundant in Windows 10. However, they have “partnered” with PCMover Express – a software offering a (paid) transfer wizard – we have not tried it ourselves, but it might be worth a go if you do not fancy a manual setup, but if you do, keep on reading!


Get prepared

To avoid frustration, make sure you get prepared.

Gather together any installation discs for any software, printer drivers, user names, passwords, licenses, external drives – basically anything you can find (this is a good time to chuck stuff you no longer need to).

Just a few to think of…

– Office 365
– Antivirus
– Wifi
– Email
– Skype

Don’t worry if you cannot remember all, most can be reset and the email password can often be retrieved from the old computer.


Getting Started

Confused about the order in which to set your new computer up?

1. Plug the computer in and switch it on
    Obvious, we know, BUT people are often surprised by how long it takes Microsoft to welcome you the first time…
2. Connect to the Internet – if you are connecting by ethernet cable, plug it in now – if you are planning to connect via Wifi, wait until Microsoft prompts you to enter your Wifi password
3. Decide if you want a local account or if you want to use (or create) a Microsoft account
4. Antivirus – Most systems come with a trial of some sort of Antivirus product, if you want to use your existing product, remember to uninstall the trial product before installing yours
5. Install any software you need (i.e. Office)
6. Install any drivers you need for printers, cameras etc.
7. And finally, copy over your documents and pictures etc. from your backup – assuming you have a backup. If not, this is the time to copy everything onto an external hard drive or pen drive – or if you are using the cloud, re-login on the new computer.

We recommend waiting with step 7 (copying documents over) until the end, because most of the previous steps require several restarts and would interrupt the copying process.


Still confused or just don’t have the time?

Get in touch to get us to set it all up for you, recover your passwords and install your printers etc. and even show you around the new computer to get you off to an easy and pleasant start!

Not sure what to do with your old computer? We refurbish and recycle so you can be rest assured that your data is kept safe!


Have PC Harmony,
so you can concentrate on the more important things in life…