Back Up – the easy way!

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The most common reasons for backup fails are:

  1. Not knowing how to Backup easy way
  1. Not realizing backup corruptions until disaster strikes


Do I really Need to Back-Up?


If you are using your computer for business, you have a legal responsibility to back up your data. But even if you are using your computer privately, it can be costly to have to “start again” in case of data loss, especially if you are struggling to find those software licenses and discs such as Windows, Photoshop etc.


What causes data loss?

The most common reason is user error, accidentally deleting or overwriting files or pictures.

But there are many other factors you have no control over whatsoever:

– Hard drive failure
– Virus attacks
– Updates gone wrong
– Theft
– Physical damage (i.e. dropping the laptop, water or fire damage)

How would you feel if you lost all those family photos, login and password details, personal settings and emails? Would you be able to hunt down all those CDs for installed software, printers etc. and painstakingly re-install them one by one? Could you be held liable by your customers? Can your business afford to start all-over?


Back-Up How To

Taking useful and working back-ups is easy! Not only does it require very little preparation but the actual back-up doesn’t take that long either


What data do you want to back-up?
(So you know how much back-up space you need)

How do you want to back up?
(Cloud or external hard drive, or even just a flash drive)

How frequently do you want to back up?
(Monthly, weekly or even daily – automatically via automatic schedule or manually by copying data over)


Depending on the amount of data to save, frequency and automation, it makes sense to get some kind of routine in place. There are lots of software that enable you set it all up once and then backs up automatically in the background, so you can literally set and forget.


 Now that you have gone through all the trouble, you want to make sure your backup actually works as it should – so take the time testing it.


And finally…

We recommend to backup both physically (i.e. an image backup to an external drive) as well as backing up data in the Cloud – that way you are covered for all events.

Get in touch if you want any advice or prefer for us to get you all set up – an hour well worth investing in that can save you money and a lot of aggravation in the long run!



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